You say that miracles do not happen? Wrong.

The most important thing and all of a sudden the Russians miracle happened. FIFA World Cup in 2018 will be held in the Russian Federation, and it’s already a fait accompli. And let him bite your elbows are skeptics who do not believe in the possibility of great football competitions in Russia.

December 2, 2010 in Zurich, it was announced that Russia will host the football World Cup 2018. Feelings of joy and pride for their country embraced each Russian. Of the 9 applications for the championship, which were filed in 2009 by FIFA, was chosen ours. Russia has overtaken in the race to Australia, England, Indonesia, Mexico, USA, Japan, Portugal and Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. This event is global – a great responsibility as athletes and fans from all over to attend our open spaces and explore the national and the country’s natural resources, distinctive way of life, traditions and cultures, their interplay, architecture, bring to the present day story of the Russian people.

Now everyone in the country with enthusiasm, one way or another, included in the preparations for the World Cup 2018.

Specially created by our life – live wire stories from 2010 in 2018. We track all the way to the World Cup 2018 and shined it on our portal. Visitors can be assured that our materials will be aware of all the news of preparation for World Cup 2018, which will host Russia. Are all possible and exhaustive information on construction, transport, communications, restaurant service, hotel business, economics, finance and investment in infrastructure.

So, we invite you to sit on the train, “Preparations for the World Cup 2018″ and become a witness of events! All 7 years until the opening day of World Cup 2018 we will gradually move the details are displayed throughout the country to the important day. Stay with us, and then you will be aware of the new stadiums and complexes, hotels, transportation routes and facilities, airports, government programs and state orders, building on the ground for World Cup 2018 in Russia.

It is already known that significant events occur in the transport infrastructure. Between the capital Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Ulyanovsk will be put high-speed trains, similar to those already connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. During the World Cup fans will be able to move directly from one city to another by air and rail vehicles. In the same village public transport to the venue of the game will be free. In addition, since the beginning of the championship will become effective visa-free entry into Russia, it means that football fans from around the globe arrive in our country.

About how, in what cities will be the World Cup 2018, please visit “Stadiums Russia 2018″ here we tell you where and in what time frame is planned to build new stadiums, and what changes are waiting for existing facilities to FM 2018.

World Cup 2018 – especially the championship, because he was the first to be held in Russia and will cover just two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. By the way, to trace the chronicle of all the championships, from 1930 to 2018, you can in our section “FIFA World Cup.”

«Cities World Cup 2018 “- on this page we offer to meet with the cities of Russia, which will take millions of fans from different continents in 2018.

If you have not had time to settle into the world of football, but want to be a topic, then your attention to “about football”, where in an accessible and interesting way out the rules of this popular game.

Our country will face a series of construction of new infrastructure facilities, development of Transport and Communication. We each hour watching the news on FM 2018, and are happy to share them in the pages of our site.