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In Nizhny Novgorod, have not chosen a place in the arena!

Nizhny Novgorod already knows what will be the arena for the 2018 World Cup than it will be equipped with and how it will look. But where will be the main stadium of the city is still unknown.

Nizhny Novgorod arena

From the outset, a few options, two of which were the most suitable place to build a world-class arena. The first possible area – a district of the village Ol’gino, and the second area – the area of ​​the Komsomol, which, according to Chief Architect Victor Bykov, the most notable precisely because of its proximity to downtown. However, there is time, which can cause difficulties in implementing the project in the area – this is ground water. In addition, the question has not been elucidated property rights. Also variant of the village has its Ol’gino not working points: the distance from the city center may cause movement of the predicament of fans during the World Cup 2018.

On what areas of the proposed arena would be laid as yet unknown. This decision will be made Valery Shantsev, governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Old version, which is now not considered (rowing canal on the Volga), would require too large initial investment, and did not exclude the risk of flooding during the flood.

Dissenting opinion:

once again we can see that the preparations for World Cup 2018 – capacious, and a lot of work. Already at the stage of site selection for construction of the arena to provide everything – from the comfort of the soil to get to the stadium. It seems, that the Nizhny Novgorod took to prepare for the World Cup in 2018 more than responsibly.

Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg will begin August 19 already

Central Stadium, which is scheduled to take the game to be World Cup 2018, will open its doors to athletes and visitors in August this year. This statement was made by Vadim Vorobyov, director of sports facility.

Stadium in Yekaterinburg

At the briefing it was announced, that construction operations are over, now in the building, the internal finish. Also being installed navigation.

Parking, construction of which has not yet completed, is designed for 1330 seats for cars.

After the opening of the stadium can accommodate up to 17 000 spectators, but during the World Cup in 2018 at the expense of sound technical solutions to increase capacity to 40 000 fans. Under the roof will be only ¼ of the seats. All seats are made of impact resistant plastic. Externally, the stadium has not changed, have not been touched and architectural elements of the Soviet era.

If it becomes known that the stadium Central will host Game FM 2018, then the object will have to close for another year in order to bring it to the level of the requirements of FIFA. This additional upgrade will cost 2 billion RUB.

Dissenting opinion:

The Ekaterinburg there is every chance to play FM 2018. At least, the regional authorities are already making real strides to meet international standards for the championship game in 2018. Most of it is clear that, Yekaterinburg, one way or another, will be among the cities that will take play mundialya. So, if not expedient now to work to bring the arena to the level required by FIFA. However, according to the governor himself, the construction and upgrading of sports facilities is primarily for residents, but not for the world football match.

In 2018 Peregrine tie Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan

Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan – on this route will be open to traffic at high speed peregrine falcon to FM 2018.

Sapsan 2018

According to the concept of modernization of existing rail infrastructure for passenger services during the World Cup in 2018 the railway communication in the country needs to develop so that fans and visitors could move freely between cities where the games will be World Cup 2018.
It is expected that other cities will be connected to high-speed residential mundialya games. Driving on it is equal to 300-400 km / h. Apart from the fact that the road will connect direct to destinations, will also branch to other major cities. Among them sounded: Tyumen, Ufa, Perm.
In defense of high-speed rail say the experience of foreign countries, where there were such large-scale events. This is a convenient, best, most appropriate way to fast and safe transportation.
Also among the priority projects of modernization of transport infrastructure – the opening line in the direction of Moscow – Kharkov – Rostov-Na-Dene – Krasnodar – Adler and Moscow – Yaroslavl (160-200 km / h); organization of communications at international level for the route Moscow – Minsk – Warsaw – Berlin, Moscow – Kiev, Moscow – Riga and St Petersburg – Tallinn.
Open question, and communication between the airport and the city, which solves the problem of delivering fans to the play FM 2018.

Dissenting opinion:
The development of transport infrastructure – one of the indisputable benefits that brings World Cup 2018. Fans fans, but the road something will remain. You’ll see, one problem in Russia will be less.

Samara Stadium for World Cup 2018 will cost cheeper on 4 billion

Stadiums of Samara

If by the first estimates of the stadium construction fit into the $ 11 billion according to recent estimates in the project was listed 7 billion. A few days ago, the administration of the Samara region provided an estimate of the stadium for World Cup 2018 in the  Ministry of Sports of Russia.
Reportedly, the amount of investments decreased due to the fact that costs will go exclusively to the construction of the stadium. In April, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov at the meeting of the organizing committee of the 2018 World Cup has allocated 3 citys, whose calculations in preparation for the World Cup in 2018 caused a stir too much money.

For example, in Samara stadium construction project is accompanied by the construction of facilities that are clearly commercial rather than sporting orientation, which could not stay without attention. That s why, local authorities were encouraged to review the draft and cut spending by giving them only for the construction of stadiums and sports grounds. Based on the estimates and the reasonableness of costs, the committee of FIFA will determine the final list of cities in World Cup 2018.

Funding for other infrastructure projects will be entrusted to private investors. In Samara will be built new business-class hotel, shopping malls, concert hall, exhibition center, a center of extreme sports, yachting center. For residents and visitors will start their work entertaining space, there will be lift, water park, a sports school and other facilities.

Spesial opinion:
overstatement estimates – is clearly not the first and not the last case in the history of the preparations for the World Cup 2018. As well as in Samara and other cities there are always those who wish to use the preparations for the World Cup in 2018 as a “cash cow”. However, in this case, the Russians have to deal with the European practicality, accuracy and validity. So that no extra penny will be spent in vain. However, if the committee of FIFA keeps an eye on, the cooperation with private investors willing to invest in training for the championship, may be more loyal.

Ulyanovsk is preparing to the FIFA World Cup.

Ulyanovsk 2018

Despite the fact that Ulyanovsk is not among the cities chosen as the place for games FIFA World Cup, local authorities hope not to stay away from this event. According to Oleg Asmus, minister of the housekeeper, the Ulyanovsk region has all chances to draw tourists, media, fans and anyone interested in World Cup 2018 persons. One factor working in favor of this idea is the proximity of the Samara region, Mordovia, Tatarstan. Plans to join neighboring regions of railway tracks to the fans and tourists alike can quickly and directly move to areas at high speed, “sapsan.” Such a trip would take not more than 3-4 hours on the road. In addition to transport infrastructure is a question about the development of hotel service.

So, already we are working on the construction of the hotel Hilton. In addition, in Staromaynskom, Sengiley, Cherdaklinsky areas and Dimitrovgrad will organise campsites. Even for those who do not have the opportunity to watch live World Cup games in 2018 at the stadium, there will be fan-zone with large screens, transmitting the match. On the issue of funding Asmus added that the greatest hope for the business sector, so the challenge now is to develop the most profitable and promising projects for investors.

Dissenting opinion:

The fact that World Cup 2018 is a value not only as a major football event, but also as a spring to a significant economic development, it is clear to all. But few are rushing to use this feature. Not only 13 cities will be cherished seat fans, but also the neighboring regions. So the authorities of the Ulyanovsk region charted the right path. The main thing that all the investments were legitimate, and it so happened that after the Games hotels were empty, and spread out fan zones were unclaimed.

Hotels to World Cup 2018.

We all understand that the guests will arrive in Russia in 2018 at the soccer match from different countries and cities. What about the number of fans will be very difficult to predict, but even holding Cup Champions Cup in Moscow showed that the fans will come no matter what.

Placing a number of guests in various cities across the country will be no simple matter. Even now need to think about the construction of inexpensive, but comfortable that they meet the requirements of hotels.

For example, in Samara, local entrepreneurs are aware that investment in building hotels to the World Cup 2018 deal promising. And if it is decided that Samara will play football in 2018, that construction must begin now. Types of rooms in the city are too small, it certainly made up for as many other small towns by private mini-hotels, but this is clearly not enough. The more foreign guest accustomed to excellent service and maintenance. Comfort and Europeans, not only will never give up on the exoticism of Russia.

Therefore, needed on the eve of World Cup 2018 upscale hotels, which can accommodate all the fans.

For example, foreigners are already aware of the need to take place under the sun in Russia by 2018. In particular, the Company Hilton Worldwide plans to open nine new hotels to the top of the world championship in football.

Hilton Hotel Chain

Planned to build hotels under the Hampton brand, in Omsk and Moscow, Hilton Garden Inn in Omsk, Astrakhan, Krasnodar, Samara, and the Doubletree by Hilton in Ulyanovsk, Perm, and Sochi. Some of these cities are already included in the provisional list of host cities hosting World Cup games in 2018.

But in Nizhny Novgorod, (by the way the city is one of the leaders of regional cities in the race for hosting the Games of the World Cup), the number of hotel rooms are less acceptable, it remains to increase their number to a minimum 7500, as required by the Russian Football Union, and of course change the comfort and room service.

Dissenting opinion:

Construction of a modern hotel, equipped with everything you need, maturity can be done and over 5 years. Yes, even in 4 years, a good construction company would do everything it should. Here in Russia should immediately add a couple of years to resolve all of the necessary and not necessary formalities. Bureaucracy we have developed a much stronger and bigger than others in particular and sports-organizational activities. Because one cans only hope for the administrative and governance significant construction projects in cities hosting World Cup 2018. Well, it’s within our power, since we are like no others are able to include the administrative resources in carrying out the tasks of our Government.

Reconstruction of the stadiums in Nizhny Novgorod

     That’s Nizhny Novgorod region began actively preparing the sports infrastructure to the requirements of FIFA. So, practice areas – stadiums “Vodnik ” and “Dynamo” in the near future is waiting for the reconstruction of FM 2018.

      At the moment the stadium “Vodnik”, located in the heart of the city – this is not an impressive sight: a groomed field, dilapidated stands, the building, survive your life.

      In stock stadiums will be “North”, “Lokomotiv” (Nizhny Novgorod), “Khimik” (Dzerzhinsk), “Spartacus” (in Bohr).

Nizhny Novgorod. Stadium "Nord".

Nizhny Novgorod. Stadium "Nord".

      Said Dmitry Svatkovsky, deputy governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, it is easier to upgrade an existing sports base, rather than create new sites. He added that preparations for the World Cup in 2018 should start now, because a lot of work to be done. On his behalf, to the first day of spring, will be prepared a list of actions, to prepare for the 2018 World Cup in football.

      Dissenting opinion:

      As we mentioned a plan to prepare for World Cup 2018 will be offered on 1 March, and it is expected that it will be adopted at the first meeting. In our view, it would be fantastic, if all that happened, but you did not knowingly say “Seven times measure, cut once.”

      Is the administration of Nizhny Novgorod, the Gorky Railway Guide and Nizhny Novgorod airport, the main emergency department, police department and other city authorities can before March 1, prepare proposals for a single action plan, which immediately needs to be approved? In addition, implementation of these measures, according to the government of Nizhny Novgorod, too, should be initiated immediately. Interestingly, whether local budget here so soon to take on himself the decision problems related to FIFA World Cup 2018, and whether the unity between the various infrastructures, as yet had a chance – everyone pulls the blanket over himself, and the sun football championship in 2018 trying to take his place.

Who wants to take away training base in YAROSLAVL? And Why «Shinnik» NOT TAKE World Cup 2018?

     Until the last moment they were all convinced that the games Championship 2018 will be rebuilt stadium «Shinnik». But at the end of January it appears that plans for a new world class stadium. 

     Reconstruction “Shinnik” according to the requirements of FIFA looks inappropriate, upgrading the stadium continues, but with the expectation that it will only driving range in 2018.

stadium «Shinnik»

      The question about construction of a new stadium until at site selection for its construction. Announced two options: Zavolzhsky area and Dzerzhinsky district. In parallel, prepare a project paper on the bottom of indoor soccer arena in Bragin.

      However, the unbridled desire to host the Games in 2018 covers the Vologda. From Vologda football club received a proposal for the reconstruction of the stadium “Dynamo”. Motivate vologodtsy is the fact that all four training facilities can not be fitted in Yaroslavl. And the Dynamo stadium could be one of 72 training fields for the teams FIFA World Cup 2018. It was said that the reconstruction project has been developed. It is known that proposed to eliminate the bulk of the stadium, leaving intact the foundation on which to build and the new building.

      Yaroslavl-heartedly accepted this idea. It believed that the city is quite capable to put all the necessary platform for the training. Director of Stadium «Shinnik», Yuri Bratchenko also added that the cost of reconstruction of the Vologda sports facility can not be justified

      Dissenting opinion:

      With each passing day the desire to have direct relevance to the World Cup in 2018 increased in the Russian cities. If for some distant towns Championship 2018 – is the maximum of several hundred by passing tourists, the prospect of other cities to get to the center of events does not rest. So, Vologda scrambles to be useful Championship, then to FIFA in 2018 benefited her. We do understand that having not let the stadium, but even the training fields has opened an additional influx of tourists, the players. This means that the infrastructure will inevitably get a chance to climb to a higher level, if not at the expense of state budget, the expense of investors, who are most aware of the benefits of investments in projects related to World Cup 2018.

The first sponsors of World Cup 2018

     Preparations for the World Cup in 2018 involving state and business structures at all levels, because this global work requires large investments and hard work. And as the state budget is not made of rubber, and funds can not go only to the needs of the Championship 2018, then to assist in the preparation comes to sponsorship. Although, who is helping who is also a question. It is rather a mutually beneficial cooperation, since participation in the preparation and conduct of the Championship will bring considerable benefits to partners.

      Thus, Rostelecom has expressed his desire to act as a telecommunications partner 2018. The company understands this sponsorship will bring together with your audience and potential customers, developing the brand. About what time is estimated sponsorship not yet been said. However, a representative of Rostelecom, Oleg Rumyantsev, hopes that the partnership will be beneficial for the company and will meet expectations.

      While silent Megafon, MTS, VimpelCom. Do not exclude that possible competition for the sponsorship of the Championship 2018, but these are just guesses.

      Among financial managers also revealed activists. This is “Raiffeisen Capital. The Management Company intends to begin organizing mutual fund, proceeds of which will go to infrastructure development for the championship. The volume of investments for the World Cup 2018 is announced at $ 50 billion. The fund will be spent on the development of metallurgy, construction and engineering industries. The minimum term investments in mutual funds is 3 years.

      Dissenting opinion:

      The idea is really great, and the case for investing in infrastructure facilities is a necessary but should not be blind to one line. If you listen to the words of Vadim Loginov, director of strategic marketing and business development at Alfa-Capital “, even taking into account all factors, the following 7 years (and it is a priori impossible) to predict the high and the total profitability of a project is not really . Recall that the preparation for the Championship has already stirred the clever head, and who knows how resourceful competitors will meet on the road. But it’s a good thing, competition still will bring up the “main front” worthy and necessary projects that will certainly affect the best way to prepare for World Cup 2018 and its conduct.

Stadium on Krestovsky: estimated increase, deadlines are extended

     Stadium on Krestovsky will be considered one of the most expensive sports venues in the world. The first visitors to the stadium will take until late autumn 2012. Compliance with the standards and conditions of the FIFA and UEFA – the main reason for changes in the stadium project, Gazprom-Arena.

     Estimated project, frequently replace the one wallet to another (upward, of course), increased by one third, and now the stadium is estimated at 33 billion rubles.

     What changes are made to the draft of the future stadium?

Stadium on Krestovsky

      At the height of the stadium will reach 55 meters. Increased capacity to 67,000 seats, squaring the premises now amount to 260,000 square meters.

     At the moment, the general contractor for the reconstruction of the stadium is Transstroy. One of the elements of the complex whose construction has not yet been initiated, it is a sliding roof. She will deal with the German company Vector Foiltek.

     Stadium for the 2018 Games will be multifunctional. Sporting tournaments, live events and entertainment – these problems (in addition to holding football matches) will serve as Gazprom-Arena.

     At this stage, fifteen hundred builders are working at the stadium, designed on the concept of the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, back in 2007.

     Parallel reconstruction will be taken to traffic, the device parking areas, an organization of restaurant service for guests.

     Dissenting opinion:

     Estimates of construction of the most expensive stadium “Wembley” also does not remain fixed, but over time grew in 1,8 times. Well, what we are worse! So take the Championship, so take it with dignity, especially against the requirements of FIFA will not go. Though it is important to the title of one of the most luxurious stadiums in the world? Hopefully, the expensive projects for the championship – it’s not expensive clothes to the outlet, which then gather dust in a shelf for years. I am glad that the project is heading for versatility: objects that solve different problems, but serve as a common goal within a single sports complex will make it popular even after the World Cup 2018.