Архив для ‘Infrastructure Cup 2018’

In Nizhny Novgorod, have not chosen a place in the arena!

Nizhny Novgorod already knows what will be the arena for the 2018 World Cup than it will be equipped with and how it will look. But where will be the main stadium of the city is still unknown.

Nizhny Novgorod arena

From the outset, a few options, two of which were the most suitable place to build a world-class arena. The first possible area – a district of the village Ol’gino, and the second area – the area of ​​the Komsomol, which, according to Chief Architect Victor Bykov, the most notable precisely because of its proximity to downtown. However, there is time, which can cause difficulties in implementing the project in the area – this is ground water. In addition, the question has not been elucidated property rights. Also variant of the village has its Ol’gino not working points: the distance from the city center may cause movement of the predicament of fans during the World Cup 2018.

On what areas of the proposed arena would be laid as yet unknown. This decision will be made Valery Shantsev, governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Old version, which is now not considered (rowing canal on the Volga), would require too large initial investment, and did not exclude the risk of flooding during the flood.

Dissenting opinion:

once again we can see that the preparations for World Cup 2018 – capacious, and a lot of work. Already at the stage of site selection for construction of the arena to provide everything – from the comfort of the soil to get to the stadium. It seems, that the Nizhny Novgorod took to prepare for the World Cup in 2018 more than responsibly.

In 2018 Peregrine tie Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan

Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan – on this route will be open to traffic at high speed peregrine falcon to FM 2018.

Sapsan 2018

According to the concept of modernization of existing rail infrastructure for passenger services during the World Cup in 2018 the railway communication in the country needs to develop so that fans and visitors could move freely between cities where the games will be World Cup 2018.
It is expected that other cities will be connected to high-speed residential mundialya games. Driving on it is equal to 300-400 km / h. Apart from the fact that the road will connect direct to destinations, will also branch to other major cities. Among them sounded: Tyumen, Ufa, Perm.
In defense of high-speed rail say the experience of foreign countries, where there were such large-scale events. This is a convenient, best, most appropriate way to fast and safe transportation.
Also among the priority projects of modernization of transport infrastructure – the opening line in the direction of Moscow – Kharkov – Rostov-Na-Dene – Krasnodar – Adler and Moscow – Yaroslavl (160-200 km / h); organization of communications at international level for the route Moscow – Minsk – Warsaw – Berlin, Moscow – Kiev, Moscow – Riga and St Petersburg – Tallinn.
Open question, and communication between the airport and the city, which solves the problem of delivering fans to the play FM 2018.

Dissenting opinion:
The development of transport infrastructure – one of the indisputable benefits that brings World Cup 2018. Fans fans, but the road something will remain. You’ll see, one problem in Russia will be less.

Samara Stadium for World Cup 2018 will cost cheeper on 4 billion

Stadiums of Samara

If by the first estimates of the stadium construction fit into the $ 11 billion according to recent estimates in the project was listed 7 billion. A few days ago, the administration of the Samara region provided an estimate of the stadium for World Cup 2018 in the  Ministry of Sports of Russia.
Reportedly, the amount of investments decreased due to the fact that costs will go exclusively to the construction of the stadium. In April, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov at the meeting of the organizing committee of the 2018 World Cup has allocated 3 citys, whose calculations in preparation for the World Cup in 2018 caused a stir too much money.

For example, in Samara stadium construction project is accompanied by the construction of facilities that are clearly commercial rather than sporting orientation, which could not stay without attention. That s why, local authorities were encouraged to review the draft and cut spending by giving them only for the construction of stadiums and sports grounds. Based on the estimates and the reasonableness of costs, the committee of FIFA will determine the final list of cities in World Cup 2018.

Funding for other infrastructure projects will be entrusted to private investors. In Samara will be built new business-class hotel, shopping malls, concert hall, exhibition center, a center of extreme sports, yachting center. For residents and visitors will start their work entertaining space, there will be lift, water park, a sports school and other facilities.

Spesial opinion:
overstatement estimates – is clearly not the first and not the last case in the history of the preparations for the World Cup 2018. As well as in Samara and other cities there are always those who wish to use the preparations for the World Cup in 2018 as a “cash cow”. However, in this case, the Russians have to deal with the European practicality, accuracy and validity. So that no extra penny will be spent in vain. However, if the committee of FIFA keeps an eye on, the cooperation with private investors willing to invest in training for the championship, may be more loyal.

Ulyanovsk is preparing to the FIFA World Cup.

Ulyanovsk 2018

Despite the fact that Ulyanovsk is not among the cities chosen as the place for games FIFA World Cup, local authorities hope not to stay away from this event. According to Oleg Asmus, minister of the housekeeper, the Ulyanovsk region has all chances to draw tourists, media, fans and anyone interested in World Cup 2018 persons. One factor working in favor of this idea is the proximity of the Samara region, Mordovia, Tatarstan. Plans to join neighboring regions of railway tracks to the fans and tourists alike can quickly and directly move to areas at high speed, “sapsan.” Such a trip would take not more than 3-4 hours on the road. In addition to transport infrastructure is a question about the development of hotel service.

So, already we are working on the construction of the hotel Hilton. In addition, in Staromaynskom, Sengiley, Cherdaklinsky areas and Dimitrovgrad will organise campsites. Even for those who do not have the opportunity to watch live World Cup games in 2018 at the stadium, there will be fan-zone with large screens, transmitting the match. On the issue of funding Asmus added that the greatest hope for the business sector, so the challenge now is to develop the most profitable and promising projects for investors.

Dissenting opinion:

The fact that World Cup 2018 is a value not only as a major football event, but also as a spring to a significant economic development, it is clear to all. But few are rushing to use this feature. Not only 13 cities will be cherished seat fans, but also the neighboring regions. So the authorities of the Ulyanovsk region charted the right path. The main thing that all the investments were legitimate, and it so happened that after the Games hotels were empty, and spread out fan zones were unclaimed.

Championship 2018 is coming – the economy forward!

     Holding the World Cup in Russia in 2018 – is several large steps, or even jumping in the direction of infrastructure, namely the extensive transportation network, eliminating the load in the off-peak hours, the development of the restaurant business, the development of sports infrastructure at the global level, the increase in tourist flow, the expansion of the hotel sector.

      Speaking of the latter, hotel is under the scrutiny of investors and developers who can not recognize a clear profit to build new hotels. In this regard, from the bottom up old, inactive projects, and discusses investment in new accommodation facilities. Obviously, the broad market in this area will cover the competition for his client, and who will benefit: the domestic or the foreign service, time will tell.

      It is expected that the construction of retail and office space will relinquish its seat more than actual and necessary hotel construction, and investments in this segment of the infrastructure will increase significantly.

      To date, Moscow accepts clients in more than 270 hotel rooms and apartments with more than 70,000 seats. A third of them – three-star. Hotels 4 and 5 stars are concentrated in the capital. In 2010, an increase in demand for hotel services that will be in 2018, we can only speculate. Room rates per night depending on the category ranges from 3000 to 50,000 rubles.

      This year there will be hotels in the capital of networks Accor Group, Marriott International, Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels Group.

      In addition, the trend of hotel mini format. Moscow authorities also embarked on the construction of inexpensive hotels and accommodation for young people, students from other countries.

      Dissenting opinion:

      FIFA World Cup, like a red rag (in a good sense of the word) for the bull, excites investors, businessmen, managers and developers. This was nice to see, finally, such a rich and diverse country as Russia, will receive the stadiums, roads, hotels, restaurants! And they will all respond the best, the highest demands.

      And what great opportunities for entrepreneurs! If a good look closely, you can find, if not gold, then steadily profitable mine for 7 years. Championship gives such a chance, and such freedom in the economy. One of many examples: the now-sighted and active entrepreneurs engaged in the implementation of metal, building materials, wood and all that will be definitely bought in connection with the needs to prepare for World Cup 2018. Do not be afraid to suppose that 5000 rubles for 3 stars in 2011 will seem ridiculous sum-Thumbelina, compared with the cost numbers in 2018.


In preparation for the World Cup 2018 traffic Petersburg expect change.

     Conducting championship requires a good stadium and the stadium requires the transportation with him. Here is a simple scheme moves all the changes expected in the transport infrastructure of the northern capital.

      At the moment already have the first results is a few buildings on the side of the sunken Krestovsky Island, as well as construction and modernization of Seaside Avenue (I stage), the Big Petrovsky Bridge, Lazarev bridge.

      During the period from 2013 to 2015, transport line linking Vasilevsky Island in Primorye and the Vyborg district. For these purposes will be used wing of the bridge, located on the island of Sulfuric.

      Metrostroj also offers solutions for the transport to ensure the stadium on Krestovsky: opening a second exit from the station called “Old Village” near the bridge at Yelagin Island. Alexandrov, head of Metrostroi, upholds the primary role of the St. Petersburg metro unloaded for transportation, leaving in the shadow of land lines and high-speed trams. He justifies this by saying that the modernization of the metro has obvious advantages, and that strip of land routes will cost no less than the work on subway stations. Aleksandrov recalled the fact, vain building a ground station “summer holidays”, which has since ceased operation. Chapter Metrostroi noted that at the finishing stations should not be too hard savings, but the new technology for laying paths would help conserve up to 20% finance.

Metro St. Petersburg

      In general, Aleksandrov laments the fact that the St. Petersburg subway behind in its development, and to his 70 years can not boast of providing transport accessibility in St. Petersburg.

      Dissenting opinion: 

     Talking about the advantages of certain routes and their usefulness for transportation support in 2018 can be long. However, the St. Petersburg subway deserves due attention, while the reverse is happening, from the federal budget for the modernization of the metro no money, and Metrostroj elevated to the rank of the municipality. In the words of Alexandrov have some validity, construction and reconstruction of stations is necessary not only for the benefit of the Championship 2018, St. Petersburg has long been settled in the traffic jams, while the extensive network of underground would solve traffic problems Petersburg.

Cities Championship 2018 will connect “Peregrine”

     Associate of the participating World Cup 2018 in a single system – that’s one of the areas of program development of high-speed railway lines in Russia. The Prime Minister expressed the need to accelerate the launch of high-speed communications transport facilities and the development of routes.

      Since one of the main tasks in the preparation of Russia for the championship in 2018 is the development of transportation infrastructure, high-speed rail can help solve many issues in this area.

      As a means of transportation may use “Peregrine”, which already serves as a link between Moscow and St. Petersburg, and Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, delivering passengers at a speed of 250 km / h. The trip from the capital to Nizhny Novgorod is 1200 rubles, to St. Petersburg – more than 4000 rubles. The train reaches from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod for 3 hours and 55 minutes to reduce this are being considered for moving at a speed of 350 km / h.

      “Peregrine Falcon” has 7 cars economy class, business class 2 wagons, 1 carriage bistro.

      To date, the country has 8 trains, but for the full context of cities to the Championship would be required for some number of units.

     Thus, in the near future we should expect the construction of high-speed highways. Already refers to Kazan, Saransk. The governor of the Sverdlovsk region also showed initiative by the united Yekaterinburg to Moscow via “Peregrine”.

         Literally today, after publication of our news site, we noticed the blog of Mr. Yakunin, the following post:

         Vladimir Yakunin, online:

     It is crucial that the Government has decided to continue reform for another five years until 2015. In my opinion, this is a key solution, whose essence lies in the fact that we must go not just to the formalization of certain stages of reform and begin work on specific programs and items. That these points can be attributed? Firstly, it is a suburban complex as a major socially-oriented segment of rail traffic. About it now says a lot. Second, the revision of the program development of SCM. By the head of the Russian Government, we need to do everything possible to bind the city that will host the 2018 World Cup soccer, high-speed rail network. Another key task – a further improvement of tariff regulation and provision of funding for implementation of the development of rail transport.

      Dissenting opinion:

     Unfortunately, due to underdeveloped transport infrastructure “Peregrine Falcon” can not fly at full capacity, but hopefully that will soon connect more high-speed artery Russian cities. Question distant prospect, but he’s already worried about the fans, this is the ticket price. Already, many lucky, a ride on “Peregrine”, say high prices ticket, and what will happen in 2018, when foreign and Russian fans will go all across Russia, and the demand for travel at speed of will be huge. In addition, the fate “Peregrine” as services is unknown, because the head of Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, said the high profitability of such trains, and the Ministry of Transport proposes to transfer their development into the hands of private investors.

       So why, in his speech, the head of Railways did not touch the issue of pricing of high-speed communications?

      And we will have Russian, and foreign fan fare price as a flight to Australia.

Samara: Road to the Championship 2018

    Erection of the stadium that meets the requirements of world standards – half the battle. Perfect transport infrastructure – one of the least important objective, which is necessary for the achievement of decent games in the Russian cities.

      In Samara, have become known for specific measures to ensure the smooth and unloaded movement in the city.

Airport "Kurumoch"

      About 16 transportation facilities awaiting an update. Thus, the air gateway to the city, namely airport Kurumoch, needs major upgrading, but until the work is not started, due to the fact that at this stage is looking for investors. Converting Samara air hub is estimated at more than 16 billion rubles. Upon completion, passenger terminal complex is 2000 people per hour.

      A delivery of fans to the stadium will take on the Samara railway station, which is also planned to be built by 2018. The same problem is to solve one-way traffic from the airport to the stadium to get to the championship games in 2018 could be faster and without traffic jams. However, there is only a proposal made by the Ministry of Transport, communications and roads of the Samara region. Possible cause of congestion may be the narrow streets of the old city district, through which will flow to the stadium, so the movement in one direction will help avoid unnecessary problems.

      Among the new vehicle transformations: Construction of the Frunze Bridge Street Aurora, passing from the Moscow highway to the Novo-Sadovaya street, streets, Lunacharskogo paved highway from Moscow to Lenin Prospect, solar street, which stretches from the streets of 22-th Partzizdu up Postnikov the ravine, and from Moscow highway until the eighth cutting.

      Expected reconstruction Krasnoglinskogo highway (the bridge over the River Volga juice to the highway) and the Volga River Highway (from Krasnoglinskogo highway to the streets Democratic).

      Unloading auto flow also planned by the appearance of nine junctions on the two busiest transportation routes – Moscow highway and street Novo-Sadovaya.

      Among the streets, waiting for repair work: Democratic street (on the Volga River Highway to the streets of Novo-Sadovaya Street), Novo-Sadovaya street (from the street to the Field Prospect Kirova), Moscow highway (from the street to gas stations Michurina N115), street Samara (on the streets of New Sadovaya-up to South bypass road), a street of Aurora. 

     Sounded the amount that may be needed for all these measures, it is 51 billion rubles.

 Dissenting opinion: 

     Development of transport infrastructure in the city costs money, but in this case the end justifies the means. In addition, the above measures to increase road capacity in Samara, will make the labor market more jobs, which is a big plus for the citizens. Because of our country and the desire to become the mistress of World Cup in 2018 is understandable and justified. We hope that this will give great impetus to the development of our economy.