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Grozny does not take FM 2018

     Though time before the World Cup in 2018 in Russia even more, but now seething with serious passion. That’s another town lost the right to host at least one World Cup 2018. This is the city of Grozny. As reported in an interview with RIA News Russian president’s plenipotentiary representative in the North Caucasus Federal District (SKFO) Khloponin:

      What is involved in such a major international tournament like the World Cup “theme of security”  is a priority, so the Russian authorities do not want to go to undue risk with regard to the possible threat of terrorist attacks.

      A few days later this information was confirmed by the Russian Football Union. Even close to complete construction in the capital of Chechnya in southern Russia’s largest stadium, which is part of a sports complex named after Akhmad-hadji Kadyrov did not help. This decision was an unpleasant blow to his vanity Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov, but the safety of guests and competitions of such level is above all.

 Dissenting opinion:

     Dear, do not expect a speedy peace and tranquility in the Caucasus region. We are not concerned with politics …. But …. Well, yes, 7 years is like 7 days, no time!

Want to take the championship in 2018!

Some cities are not listed as owners of the World Cup 2018, is also willing to participate in this important event. In this connection, periodically received information that in any given city is preparing for the football tournament.

So, in Ufa, according to the president of the republic of Bashkortostan, planned to build the stadium, capable to accept main football tournament in the event that any of the cities are not able to open its doors to guests of the Championship. This year should be resolved the question of sources of funding, and in 2012 to begin construction of the complex. Also at the request of the president, efforts will be made to guests from other countries during the championship games have visited the republic.

In the Tver region should also expect to see the stadium of international level, capable of taking the Championship game 2018. It is planned to reconstruct the stadium “Chemist”, “Central” and the new complex will be erected in the park «Tekstilshchik» together with training fields. Construction, according to the deputy governor of the Tver region, could begin as early as 2012.

Ulyanovsk and strive to get to the coveted list of cities-participants of the Championship. The local authorities are talking about a kind of preparation for the games in 2018, even though objectively it can be said that the city is inferior to the capabilities and possibilities of the games at the proper level. Nevertheless, city officials have full confidence and enthusiasm, and plan the reconstruction of the stadium “Start”. At this stage, are also actively discussing the idea of the Championship, but among fans.

It is rumored that in Belgorod is the probability of a new modern stadium, but there is groundless talk.

In Voronezh, has long raised issue taking the Championship at home, because the city has sufficient capacity: Central Stadium union complies with the international level, many facilities will be renovated, good location, experience in international competitions.

In the RFU approached the authorities of Yoshkar-Ola, with a proposal to the city in the list of participants FM 2018, citing the fact that the capital of Mari El has experience in organizing major sporting events that has been recently renovated airport, so that the stadium after the upgrade will be able to meet the stated requirements.

It would seem that the list of cities was formed in 2018, and there is no point in discussing the question of football games in town, do not appear on the list. However, the hope of becoming the master of games gives Russia the right to change the two cities, which were in the application. This means one city could fall out of the list, and another appears.

Dissenting opinion:

Become member cities 2018 – means a tremendous chance to develop the infrastructure of the city and take a big step forward. Not surprisingly, many city officials dream of the championship at home. Recall, the funding comes largely from the central budget. One could not help, the question arises: whence comes this desire to meet the games? Is everything covered by patriotic feelings and a desire to glorify his own city, to give impetus to the development? Or maybe it’s just self-serving understanding of the amounts that revolve around events in 2018? We must understand that, despite the assistance center, the allocation of funds from the state budget and the tourist influx, which will enrich the city coffers, to become the master of games – a big responsibility and work.

Although the reservation once again, that 8 years of a term is not small. And if it is carried out exactly centered, tight control of all amounts allocated to prepare for World Cup 2018, then everyone will be happy, and the city and the fans and city residents who took the World Cup.