Архив для ‘Preparation 2018’

Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg will begin August 19 already

Central Stadium, which is scheduled to take the game to be World Cup 2018, will open its doors to athletes and visitors in August this year. This statement was made by Vadim Vorobyov, director of sports facility.

Stadium in Yekaterinburg

At the briefing it was announced, that construction operations are over, now in the building, the internal finish. Also being installed navigation.

Parking, construction of which has not yet completed, is designed for 1330 seats for cars.

After the opening of the stadium can accommodate up to 17 000 spectators, but during the World Cup in 2018 at the expense of sound technical solutions to increase capacity to 40 000 fans. Under the roof will be only ¼ of the seats. All seats are made of impact resistant plastic. Externally, the stadium has not changed, have not been touched and architectural elements of the Soviet era.

If it becomes known that the stadium Central will host Game FM 2018, then the object will have to close for another year in order to bring it to the level of the requirements of FIFA. This additional upgrade will cost 2 billion RUB.

Dissenting opinion:

The Ekaterinburg there is every chance to play FM 2018. At least, the regional authorities are already making real strides to meet international standards for the championship game in 2018. Most of it is clear that, Yekaterinburg, one way or another, will be among the cities that will take play mundialya. So, if not expedient now to work to bring the arena to the level required by FIFA. However, according to the governor himself, the construction and upgrading of sports facilities is primarily for residents, but not for the world football match.

The first sponsors of World Cup 2018

     Preparations for the World Cup in 2018 involving state and business structures at all levels, because this global work requires large investments and hard work. And as the state budget is not made of rubber, and funds can not go only to the needs of the Championship 2018, then to assist in the preparation comes to sponsorship. Although, who is helping who is also a question. It is rather a mutually beneficial cooperation, since participation in the preparation and conduct of the Championship will bring considerable benefits to partners.

      Thus, Rostelecom has expressed his desire to act as a telecommunications partner 2018. The company understands this sponsorship will bring together with your audience and potential customers, developing the brand. About what time is estimated sponsorship not yet been said. However, a representative of Rostelecom, Oleg Rumyantsev, hopes that the partnership will be beneficial for the company and will meet expectations.

      While silent Megafon, MTS, VimpelCom. Do not exclude that possible competition for the sponsorship of the Championship 2018, but these are just guesses.

      Among financial managers also revealed activists. This is “Raiffeisen Capital. The Management Company intends to begin organizing mutual fund, proceeds of which will go to infrastructure development for the championship. The volume of investments for the World Cup 2018 is announced at $ 50 billion. The fund will be spent on the development of metallurgy, construction and engineering industries. The minimum term investments in mutual funds is 3 years.

      Dissenting opinion:

      The idea is really great, and the case for investing in infrastructure facilities is a necessary but should not be blind to one line. If you listen to the words of Vadim Loginov, director of strategic marketing and business development at Alfa-Capital “, even taking into account all factors, the following 7 years (and it is a priori impossible) to predict the high and the total profitability of a project is not really . Recall that the preparation for the Championship has already stirred the clever head, and who knows how resourceful competitors will meet on the road. But it’s a good thing, competition still will bring up the “main front” worthy and necessary projects that will certainly affect the best way to prepare for World Cup 2018 and its conduct.

Construction of convention with the second flyover in Kaliningrad: FIFA 2018 to decide whether or not to be!

     Holding the World Cup in 2018 largely determines the policy of construction and development of the host cities. And now, laying paths with the second rack to the Island depends on whether there will be a new stadium to make games. 

     Meanwhile, Congress began work on which can be accessed from the Moscow avenue to the street Frunze.

      As for transport roads to the Island, their design work will begin in the coming months, and the first sketches of future building are already there. But it seems that the construction of convention will not be soon. Apparently, they have practical value for it’s 2018, when the city will have many visitors, and the movement became more animated, more than ever. Now all the burdens of traffic congestion will take the second flyover.

      If you deal with transportation infrastructure in general, the administration of Kaliningrad provided to the Federal Agency for information on road reconstruction and repair of road network to the football games in 2018.


     Kaliningradians glad that perhaps the game’s World Cup in 2018 and can pass through their town. At this time, the company turned around to collect signatures in support of and aspiration to become one of the cities hosting the football World Cup in Russia. Collected signatures residents decided to send the Russian government

The first bricks in a series of stadiums Championship 2018

     They say if you had lost somewhere, then somewhere else arrived. Thus, the exultation caused by the victory of Russia’s bid to host the Games in 2018, a little quiet, but it began the first real action of Russia in preparation for the championship.

     Despite the fact that accurate and approved project «Spartak» stadium yet, for it is already preparing the foundation – is now underway on the pile field. Recall, the stadium will seat 42,000 spectators. Construction of the complex, coupled with the infrastructure is estimated at 250 million euros. Special design, or clever elements of the building will not differ, but the athletes and fans to the stadium project promises not to disappoint. Near will be erected the hotel chains. A subway station, which for many years can not be revived, healed, under the name “Spartacus».

     Also among the first activists in every way eager to begin preparations for World Cup 2018, is Yekaterinburg. Here, work began on the construction of the indoor arena at Uralmash. As for the Central Stadium – the potential host football matches in 2018, it stated that its reconstruction will be curtained in 2012.

Stadium "Spartak"

Dissenting opinion:

     How does an effective carrot was the prospect of hosting the World Cup 2018 host. Already opened the first page stories erection of the stadium “Spartak” and the Metro station, finally, the wait for his moment of glory.

      For Yekaterinburg chance to meet in his championship, to some extent turned into a whip, it’s not just talking about what this city is a backup and can fall from the list of host cities FM 2018. It seems that these conversations and are driven by an active process of preparation in Yekaterinburg.