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   International Conference of the Russian Football Union Football as it was held January 22 at Grand Hotel Europe (St. Petersburg). The forum was devoted to problems and ways of development of football sport in Russia.

     The official motto of the conference was saying: “The path of development – the way the winner.” The motto certainly makes it clear that Russian football must move forward and not stop, and then reward it will be high and worthy winner.

     Responsibility for the success of the football sport in Russia, in the opinion, the forum participants, it is not only on the shoulders of the players, clubs and teams, but also on the football culture of the country as a whole, this is good training fields and stadiums, and a clear organization of events, and the formation of appropriate behavior of fans and well-developed infrastructure. Also, do not forget about the development of sports for people with disabilities.

     One of the most important people the forum was, of course, FIFA president Joseph Blatter. He expressed gratitude for the invitation to the “Football as a business” and noted that you have chosen a better time for this event. The FIFA President also disclosed Championship 2018, saying that preparations for the Russian team for him to begin now to adequately play games on FM 2018. Joseph S. Blatter praised Sergei Fursenko, saying that thanks to him, RAF conducts an excellent job in the direction of the football industry in the country. The Swiss also noticed the unity government and the people to prepare for football games in 2018.

     In turn, the president of the RFU, told that football should earn money by focusing on the fullness of the stadiums. Need to depart from the state aid and move towards the market. Fursenko outlined the goal for the Russian football players in 2018 – a victory for the main football tournament. He also spoke about the code of honor, which reveals the ideals of Russian football. On the protection of prescribed values there is a special ethics committee.

     A Jan. 23 Joseph Blatter made a welcoming speech at the ceremony, at which the contract was signed to hold World Cup 2018 with Russia. He expressed happiness over the fact that Russia, finally, would take the Championship, because until 2002, only South America and Europe were housewives games. The FIFA President said all those critical of the choice of the host country of the executive committee of FIFA, the Federation aims to open new horizons for the global soccer tournament, and holding it in Eastern Europe in 2018, proof of that.

     Dissenting opinion:

     On January 23 Russia – officially the country’s World Cup-owner 2018, and this title is enshrined in the contract. Now you can not relax ahead of seven years of hard work and careful preparation. This official ceremony – a reference point, the city from the list of “13″ with full confidence can begin the planning, design and implementation of preparatory measures. Well, the words of Joseph Blatter on the validity of the choice of Russia as a country receiving games in 2018 – an additional incentive for action.


     We know that some countries have managed, and for a shorter time to prepare for the World Cup. But Russia is an extraordinary country, and 7 years may not be enough to prepare.


     We will follow up on this!