Архив за Январь, 2011

Stadium on Krestovsky: estimated increase, deadlines are extended

     Stadium on Krestovsky will be considered one of the most expensive sports venues in the world. The first visitors to the stadium will take until late autumn 2012. Compliance with the standards and conditions of the FIFA and UEFA – the main reason for changes in the stadium project, Gazprom-Arena.

     Estimated project, frequently replace the one wallet to another (upward, of course), increased by one third, and now the stadium is estimated at 33 billion rubles.

     What changes are made to the draft of the future stadium?

Stadium on Krestovsky

      At the height of the stadium will reach 55 meters. Increased capacity to 67,000 seats, squaring the premises now amount to 260,000 square meters.

     At the moment, the general contractor for the reconstruction of the stadium is Transstroy. One of the elements of the complex whose construction has not yet been initiated, it is a sliding roof. She will deal with the German company Vector Foiltek.

     Stadium for the 2018 Games will be multifunctional. Sporting tournaments, live events and entertainment – these problems (in addition to holding football matches) will serve as Gazprom-Arena.

     At this stage, fifteen hundred builders are working at the stadium, designed on the concept of the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, back in 2007.

     Parallel reconstruction will be taken to traffic, the device parking areas, an organization of restaurant service for guests.

     Dissenting opinion:

     Estimates of construction of the most expensive stadium “Wembley” also does not remain fixed, but over time grew in 1,8 times. Well, what we are worse! So take the Championship, so take it with dignity, especially against the requirements of FIFA will not go. Though it is important to the title of one of the most luxurious stadiums in the world? Hopefully, the expensive projects for the championship – it’s not expensive clothes to the outlet, which then gather dust in a shelf for years. I am glad that the project is heading for versatility: objects that solve different problems, but serve as a common goal within a single sports complex will make it popular even after the World Cup 2018.


Championship 2018 is coming – the economy forward!

     Holding the World Cup in Russia in 2018 – is several large steps, or even jumping in the direction of infrastructure, namely the extensive transportation network, eliminating the load in the off-peak hours, the development of the restaurant business, the development of sports infrastructure at the global level, the increase in tourist flow, the expansion of the hotel sector.

      Speaking of the latter, hotel is under the scrutiny of investors and developers who can not recognize a clear profit to build new hotels. In this regard, from the bottom up old, inactive projects, and discusses investment in new accommodation facilities. Obviously, the broad market in this area will cover the competition for his client, and who will benefit: the domestic or the foreign service, time will tell.

      It is expected that the construction of retail and office space will relinquish its seat more than actual and necessary hotel construction, and investments in this segment of the infrastructure will increase significantly.

      To date, Moscow accepts clients in more than 270 hotel rooms and apartments with more than 70,000 seats. A third of them – three-star. Hotels 4 and 5 stars are concentrated in the capital. In 2010, an increase in demand for hotel services that will be in 2018, we can only speculate. Room rates per night depending on the category ranges from 3000 to 50,000 rubles.

      This year there will be hotels in the capital of networks Accor Group, Marriott International, Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels Group.

      In addition, the trend of hotel mini format. Moscow authorities also embarked on the construction of inexpensive hotels and accommodation for young people, students from other countries.

      Dissenting opinion:

      FIFA World Cup, like a red rag (in a good sense of the word) for the bull, excites investors, businessmen, managers and developers. This was nice to see, finally, such a rich and diverse country as Russia, will receive the stadiums, roads, hotels, restaurants! And they will all respond the best, the highest demands.

      And what great opportunities for entrepreneurs! If a good look closely, you can find, if not gold, then steadily profitable mine for 7 years. Championship gives such a chance, and such freedom in the economy. One of many examples: the now-sighted and active entrepreneurs engaged in the implementation of metal, building materials, wood and all that will be definitely bought in connection with the needs to prepare for World Cup 2018. Do not be afraid to suppose that 5000 rubles for 3 stars in 2011 will seem ridiculous sum-Thumbelina, compared with the cost numbers in 2018.


In preparation for the World Cup 2018 traffic Petersburg expect change.

     Conducting championship requires a good stadium and the stadium requires the transportation with him. Here is a simple scheme moves all the changes expected in the transport infrastructure of the northern capital.

      At the moment already have the first results is a few buildings on the side of the sunken Krestovsky Island, as well as construction and modernization of Seaside Avenue (I stage), the Big Petrovsky Bridge, Lazarev bridge.

      During the period from 2013 to 2015, transport line linking Vasilevsky Island in Primorye and the Vyborg district. For these purposes will be used wing of the bridge, located on the island of Sulfuric.

      Metrostroj also offers solutions for the transport to ensure the stadium on Krestovsky: opening a second exit from the station called “Old Village” near the bridge at Yelagin Island. Alexandrov, head of Metrostroi, upholds the primary role of the St. Petersburg metro unloaded for transportation, leaving in the shadow of land lines and high-speed trams. He justifies this by saying that the modernization of the metro has obvious advantages, and that strip of land routes will cost no less than the work on subway stations. Aleksandrov recalled the fact, vain building a ground station “summer holidays”, which has since ceased operation. Chapter Metrostroi noted that at the finishing stations should not be too hard savings, but the new technology for laying paths would help conserve up to 20% finance.

Metro St. Petersburg

      In general, Aleksandrov laments the fact that the St. Petersburg subway behind in its development, and to his 70 years can not boast of providing transport accessibility in St. Petersburg.

      Dissenting opinion: 

     Talking about the advantages of certain routes and their usefulness for transportation support in 2018 can be long. However, the St. Petersburg subway deserves due attention, while the reverse is happening, from the federal budget for the modernization of the metro no money, and Metrostroj elevated to the rank of the municipality. In the words of Alexandrov have some validity, construction and reconstruction of stations is necessary not only for the benefit of the Championship 2018, St. Petersburg has long been settled in the traffic jams, while the extensive network of underground would solve traffic problems Petersburg.


   International Conference of the Russian Football Union Football as it was held January 22 at Grand Hotel Europe (St. Petersburg). The forum was devoted to problems and ways of development of football sport in Russia.

     The official motto of the conference was saying: “The path of development – the way the winner.” The motto certainly makes it clear that Russian football must move forward and not stop, and then reward it will be high and worthy winner.

     Responsibility for the success of the football sport in Russia, in the opinion, the forum participants, it is not only on the shoulders of the players, clubs and teams, but also on the football culture of the country as a whole, this is good training fields and stadiums, and a clear organization of events, and the formation of appropriate behavior of fans and well-developed infrastructure. Also, do not forget about the development of sports for people with disabilities.

     One of the most important people the forum was, of course, FIFA president Joseph Blatter. He expressed gratitude for the invitation to the “Football as a business” and noted that you have chosen a better time for this event. The FIFA President also disclosed Championship 2018, saying that preparations for the Russian team for him to begin now to adequately play games on FM 2018. Joseph S. Blatter praised Sergei Fursenko, saying that thanks to him, RAF conducts an excellent job in the direction of the football industry in the country. The Swiss also noticed the unity government and the people to prepare for football games in 2018.

     In turn, the president of the RFU, told that football should earn money by focusing on the fullness of the stadiums. Need to depart from the state aid and move towards the market. Fursenko outlined the goal for the Russian football players in 2018 – a victory for the main football tournament. He also spoke about the code of honor, which reveals the ideals of Russian football. On the protection of prescribed values there is a special ethics committee.

     A Jan. 23 Joseph Blatter made a welcoming speech at the ceremony, at which the contract was signed to hold World Cup 2018 with Russia. He expressed happiness over the fact that Russia, finally, would take the Championship, because until 2002, only South America and Europe were housewives games. The FIFA President said all those critical of the choice of the host country of the executive committee of FIFA, the Federation aims to open new horizons for the global soccer tournament, and holding it in Eastern Europe in 2018, proof of that.

     Dissenting opinion:

     On January 23 Russia – officially the country’s World Cup-owner 2018, and this title is enshrined in the contract. Now you can not relax ahead of seven years of hard work and careful preparation. This official ceremony – a reference point, the city from the list of “13″ with full confidence can begin the planning, design and implementation of preparatory measures. Well, the words of Joseph Blatter on the validity of the choice of Russia as a country receiving games in 2018 – an additional incentive for action.


     We know that some countries have managed, and for a shorter time to prepare for the World Cup. But Russia is an extraordinary country, and 7 years may not be enough to prepare.


     We will follow up on this!

Cities Championship 2018 will connect “Peregrine”

     Associate of the participating World Cup 2018 in a single system – that’s one of the areas of program development of high-speed railway lines in Russia. The Prime Minister expressed the need to accelerate the launch of high-speed communications transport facilities and the development of routes.

      Since one of the main tasks in the preparation of Russia for the championship in 2018 is the development of transportation infrastructure, high-speed rail can help solve many issues in this area.

      As a means of transportation may use “Peregrine”, which already serves as a link between Moscow and St. Petersburg, and Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, delivering passengers at a speed of 250 km / h. The trip from the capital to Nizhny Novgorod is 1200 rubles, to St. Petersburg – more than 4000 rubles. The train reaches from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod for 3 hours and 55 minutes to reduce this are being considered for moving at a speed of 350 km / h.

      “Peregrine Falcon” has 7 cars economy class, business class 2 wagons, 1 carriage bistro.

      To date, the country has 8 trains, but for the full context of cities to the Championship would be required for some number of units.

     Thus, in the near future we should expect the construction of high-speed highways. Already refers to Kazan, Saransk. The governor of the Sverdlovsk region also showed initiative by the united Yekaterinburg to Moscow via “Peregrine”.

         Literally today, after publication of our news site, we noticed the blog of Mr. Yakunin, the following post:

         Vladimir Yakunin, online:

     It is crucial that the Government has decided to continue reform for another five years until 2015. In my opinion, this is a key solution, whose essence lies in the fact that we must go not just to the formalization of certain stages of reform and begin work on specific programs and items. That these points can be attributed? Firstly, it is a suburban complex as a major socially-oriented segment of rail traffic. About it now says a lot. Second, the revision of the program development of SCM. By the head of the Russian Government, we need to do everything possible to bind the city that will host the 2018 World Cup soccer, high-speed rail network. Another key task – a further improvement of tariff regulation and provision of funding for implementation of the development of rail transport.

      Dissenting opinion:

     Unfortunately, due to underdeveloped transport infrastructure “Peregrine Falcon” can not fly at full capacity, but hopefully that will soon connect more high-speed artery Russian cities. Question distant prospect, but he’s already worried about the fans, this is the ticket price. Already, many lucky, a ride on “Peregrine”, say high prices ticket, and what will happen in 2018, when foreign and Russian fans will go all across Russia, and the demand for travel at speed of will be huge. In addition, the fate “Peregrine” as services is unknown, because the head of Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, said the high profitability of such trains, and the Ministry of Transport proposes to transfer their development into the hands of private investors.

       So why, in his speech, the head of Railways did not touch the issue of pricing of high-speed communications?

      And we will have Russian, and foreign fan fare price as a flight to Australia.

Grozny does not take FM 2018

     Though time before the World Cup in 2018 in Russia even more, but now seething with serious passion. That’s another town lost the right to host at least one World Cup 2018. This is the city of Grozny. As reported in an interview with RIA News Russian president’s plenipotentiary representative in the North Caucasus Federal District (SKFO) Khloponin:

      What is involved in such a major international tournament like the World Cup “theme of security”  is a priority, so the Russian authorities do not want to go to undue risk with regard to the possible threat of terrorist attacks.

      A few days later this information was confirmed by the Russian Football Union. Even close to complete construction in the capital of Chechnya in southern Russia’s largest stadium, which is part of a sports complex named after Akhmad-hadji Kadyrov did not help. This decision was an unpleasant blow to his vanity Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov, but the safety of guests and competitions of such level is above all.

 Dissenting opinion:

     Dear, do not expect a speedy peace and tranquility in the Caucasus region. We are not concerned with politics …. But …. Well, yes, 7 years is like 7 days, no time!

Construction of convention with the second flyover in Kaliningrad: FIFA 2018 to decide whether or not to be!

     Holding the World Cup in 2018 largely determines the policy of construction and development of the host cities. And now, laying paths with the second rack to the Island depends on whether there will be a new stadium to make games. 

     Meanwhile, Congress began work on which can be accessed from the Moscow avenue to the street Frunze.

      As for transport roads to the Island, their design work will begin in the coming months, and the first sketches of future building are already there. But it seems that the construction of convention will not be soon. Apparently, they have practical value for it’s 2018, when the city will have many visitors, and the movement became more animated, more than ever. Now all the burdens of traffic congestion will take the second flyover.

      If you deal with transportation infrastructure in general, the administration of Kaliningrad provided to the Federal Agency for information on road reconstruction and repair of road network to the football games in 2018.


     Kaliningradians glad that perhaps the game’s World Cup in 2018 and can pass through their town. At this time, the company turned around to collect signatures in support of and aspiration to become one of the cities hosting the football World Cup in Russia. Collected signatures residents decided to send the Russian government

Samara: Road to the Championship 2018

    Erection of the stadium that meets the requirements of world standards – half the battle. Perfect transport infrastructure – one of the least important objective, which is necessary for the achievement of decent games in the Russian cities.

      In Samara, have become known for specific measures to ensure the smooth and unloaded movement in the city.

Airport "Kurumoch"

      About 16 transportation facilities awaiting an update. Thus, the air gateway to the city, namely airport Kurumoch, needs major upgrading, but until the work is not started, due to the fact that at this stage is looking for investors. Converting Samara air hub is estimated at more than 16 billion rubles. Upon completion, passenger terminal complex is 2000 people per hour.

      A delivery of fans to the stadium will take on the Samara railway station, which is also planned to be built by 2018. The same problem is to solve one-way traffic from the airport to the stadium to get to the championship games in 2018 could be faster and without traffic jams. However, there is only a proposal made by the Ministry of Transport, communications and roads of the Samara region. Possible cause of congestion may be the narrow streets of the old city district, through which will flow to the stadium, so the movement in one direction will help avoid unnecessary problems.

      Among the new vehicle transformations: Construction of the Frunze Bridge Street Aurora, passing from the Moscow highway to the Novo-Sadovaya street, streets, Lunacharskogo paved highway from Moscow to Lenin Prospect, solar street, which stretches from the streets of 22-th Partzizdu up Postnikov the ravine, and from Moscow highway until the eighth cutting.

      Expected reconstruction Krasnoglinskogo highway (the bridge over the River Volga juice to the highway) and the Volga River Highway (from Krasnoglinskogo highway to the streets Democratic).

      Unloading auto flow also planned by the appearance of nine junctions on the two busiest transportation routes – Moscow highway and street Novo-Sadovaya.

      Among the streets, waiting for repair work: Democratic street (on the Volga River Highway to the streets of Novo-Sadovaya Street), Novo-Sadovaya street (from the street to the Field Prospect Kirova), Moscow highway (from the street to gas stations Michurina N115), street Samara (on the streets of New Sadovaya-up to South bypass road), a street of Aurora. 

     Sounded the amount that may be needed for all these measures, it is 51 billion rubles.

 Dissenting opinion: 

     Development of transport infrastructure in the city costs money, but in this case the end justifies the means. In addition, the above measures to increase road capacity in Samara, will make the labor market more jobs, which is a big plus for the citizens. Because of our country and the desire to become the mistress of World Cup in 2018 is understandable and justified. We hope that this will give great impetus to the development of our economy.


Want to take the championship in 2018!

Some cities are not listed as owners of the World Cup 2018, is also willing to participate in this important event. In this connection, periodically received information that in any given city is preparing for the football tournament.

So, in Ufa, according to the president of the republic of Bashkortostan, planned to build the stadium, capable to accept main football tournament in the event that any of the cities are not able to open its doors to guests of the Championship. This year should be resolved the question of sources of funding, and in 2012 to begin construction of the complex. Also at the request of the president, efforts will be made to guests from other countries during the championship games have visited the republic.

In the Tver region should also expect to see the stadium of international level, capable of taking the Championship game 2018. It is planned to reconstruct the stadium “Chemist”, “Central” and the new complex will be erected in the park «Tekstilshchik» together with training fields. Construction, according to the deputy governor of the Tver region, could begin as early as 2012.

Ulyanovsk and strive to get to the coveted list of cities-participants of the Championship. The local authorities are talking about a kind of preparation for the games in 2018, even though objectively it can be said that the city is inferior to the capabilities and possibilities of the games at the proper level. Nevertheless, city officials have full confidence and enthusiasm, and plan the reconstruction of the stadium “Start”. At this stage, are also actively discussing the idea of the Championship, but among fans.

It is rumored that in Belgorod is the probability of a new modern stadium, but there is groundless talk.

In Voronezh, has long raised issue taking the Championship at home, because the city has sufficient capacity: Central Stadium union complies with the international level, many facilities will be renovated, good location, experience in international competitions.

In the RFU approached the authorities of Yoshkar-Ola, with a proposal to the city in the list of participants FM 2018, citing the fact that the capital of Mari El has experience in organizing major sporting events that has been recently renovated airport, so that the stadium after the upgrade will be able to meet the stated requirements.

It would seem that the list of cities was formed in 2018, and there is no point in discussing the question of football games in town, do not appear on the list. However, the hope of becoming the master of games gives Russia the right to change the two cities, which were in the application. This means one city could fall out of the list, and another appears.

Dissenting opinion:

Become member cities 2018 – means a tremendous chance to develop the infrastructure of the city and take a big step forward. Not surprisingly, many city officials dream of the championship at home. Recall, the funding comes largely from the central budget. One could not help, the question arises: whence comes this desire to meet the games? Is everything covered by patriotic feelings and a desire to glorify his own city, to give impetus to the development? Or maybe it’s just self-serving understanding of the amounts that revolve around events in 2018? We must understand that, despite the assistance center, the allocation of funds from the state budget and the tourist influx, which will enrich the city coffers, to become the master of games – a big responsibility and work.

Although the reservation once again, that 8 years of a term is not small. And if it is carried out exactly centered, tight control of all amounts allocated to prepare for World Cup 2018, then everyone will be happy, and the city and the fans and city residents who took the World Cup.


The first bricks in a series of stadiums Championship 2018

     They say if you had lost somewhere, then somewhere else arrived. Thus, the exultation caused by the victory of Russia’s bid to host the Games in 2018, a little quiet, but it began the first real action of Russia in preparation for the championship.

     Despite the fact that accurate and approved project «Spartak» stadium yet, for it is already preparing the foundation – is now underway on the pile field. Recall, the stadium will seat 42,000 spectators. Construction of the complex, coupled with the infrastructure is estimated at 250 million euros. Special design, or clever elements of the building will not differ, but the athletes and fans to the stadium project promises not to disappoint. Near will be erected the hotel chains. A subway station, which for many years can not be revived, healed, under the name “Spartacus».

     Also among the first activists in every way eager to begin preparations for World Cup 2018, is Yekaterinburg. Here, work began on the construction of the indoor arena at Uralmash. As for the Central Stadium – the potential host football matches in 2018, it stated that its reconstruction will be curtained in 2012.

Stadium "Spartak"

Dissenting opinion:

     How does an effective carrot was the prospect of hosting the World Cup 2018 host. Already opened the first page stories erection of the stadium “Spartak” and the Metro station, finally, the wait for his moment of glory.

      For Yekaterinburg chance to meet in his championship, to some extent turned into a whip, it’s not just talking about what this city is a backup and can fall from the list of host cities FM 2018. It seems that these conversations and are driven by an active process of preparation in Yekaterinburg.