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Hotels to World Cup 2018.

We all understand that the guests will arrive in Russia in 2018 at the soccer match from different countries and cities. What about the number of fans will be very difficult to predict, but even holding Cup Champions Cup in Moscow showed that the fans will come no matter what.

Placing a number of guests in various cities across the country will be no simple matter. Even now need to think about the construction of inexpensive, but comfortable that they meet the requirements of hotels.

For example, in Samara, local entrepreneurs are aware that investment in building hotels to the World Cup 2018 deal promising. And if it is decided that Samara will play football in 2018, that construction must begin now. Types of rooms in the city are too small, it certainly made up for as many other small towns by private mini-hotels, but this is clearly not enough. The more foreign guest accustomed to excellent service and maintenance. Comfort and Europeans, not only will never give up on the exoticism of Russia.

Therefore, needed on the eve of World Cup 2018 upscale hotels, which can accommodate all the fans.

For example, foreigners are already aware of the need to take place under the sun in Russia by 2018. In particular, the Company Hilton Worldwide plans to open nine new hotels to the top of the world championship in football.

Hilton Hotel Chain

Planned to build hotels under the Hampton brand, in Omsk and Moscow, Hilton Garden Inn in Omsk, Astrakhan, Krasnodar, Samara, and the Doubletree by Hilton in Ulyanovsk, Perm, and Sochi. Some of these cities are already included in the provisional list of host cities hosting World Cup games in 2018.

But in Nizhny Novgorod, (by the way the city is one of the leaders of regional cities in the race for hosting the Games of the World Cup), the number of hotel rooms are less acceptable, it remains to increase their number to a minimum 7500, as required by the Russian Football Union, and of course change the comfort and room service.

Dissenting opinion:

Construction of a modern hotel, equipped with everything you need, maturity can be done and over 5 years. Yes, even in 4 years, a good construction company would do everything it should. Here in Russia should immediately add a couple of years to resolve all of the necessary and not necessary formalities. Bureaucracy we have developed a much stronger and bigger than others in particular and sports-organizational activities. Because one cans only hope for the administrative and governance significant construction projects in cities hosting World Cup 2018. Well, it’s within our power, since we are like no others are able to include the administrative resources in carrying out the tasks of our Government.