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Ulyanovsk is preparing to the FIFA World Cup.

Ulyanovsk 2018

Despite the fact that Ulyanovsk is not among the cities chosen as the place for games FIFA World Cup, local authorities hope not to stay away from this event. According to Oleg Asmus, minister of the housekeeper, the Ulyanovsk region has all chances to draw tourists, media, fans and anyone interested in World Cup 2018 persons. One factor working in favor of this idea is the proximity of the Samara region, Mordovia, Tatarstan. Plans to join neighboring regions of railway tracks to the fans and tourists alike can quickly and directly move to areas at high speed, “sapsan.” Such a trip would take not more than 3-4 hours on the road. In addition to transport infrastructure is a question about the development of hotel service.

So, already we are working on the construction of the hotel Hilton. In addition, in Staromaynskom, Sengiley, Cherdaklinsky areas and Dimitrovgrad will organise campsites. Even for those who do not have the opportunity to watch live World Cup games in 2018 at the stadium, there will be fan-zone with large screens, transmitting the match. On the issue of funding Asmus added that the greatest hope for the business sector, so the challenge now is to develop the most profitable and promising projects for investors.

Dissenting opinion:

The fact that World Cup 2018 is a value not only as a major football event, but also as a spring to a significant economic development, it is clear to all. But few are rushing to use this feature. Not only 13 cities will be cherished seat fans, but also the neighboring regions. So the authorities of the Ulyanovsk region charted the right path. The main thing that all the investments were legitimate, and it so happened that after the Games hotels were empty, and spread out fan zones were unclaimed.