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In 2018 Peregrine tie Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan

Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan – on this route will be open to traffic at high speed peregrine falcon to FM 2018.

Sapsan 2018

According to the concept of modernization of existing rail infrastructure for passenger services during the World Cup in 2018 the railway communication in the country needs to develop so that fans and visitors could move freely between cities where the games will be World Cup 2018.
It is expected that other cities will be connected to high-speed residential mundialya games. Driving on it is equal to 300-400 km / h. Apart from the fact that the road will connect direct to destinations, will also branch to other major cities. Among them sounded: Tyumen, Ufa, Perm.
In defense of high-speed rail say the experience of foreign countries, where there were such large-scale events. This is a convenient, best, most appropriate way to fast and safe transportation.
Also among the priority projects of modernization of transport infrastructure – the opening line in the direction of Moscow – Kharkov – Rostov-Na-Dene – Krasnodar – Adler and Moscow – Yaroslavl (160-200 km / h); organization of communications at international level for the route Moscow – Minsk – Warsaw – Berlin, Moscow – Kiev, Moscow – Riga and St Petersburg – Tallinn.
Open question, and communication between the airport and the city, which solves the problem of delivering fans to the play FM 2018.

Dissenting opinion:
The development of transport infrastructure – one of the indisputable benefits that brings World Cup 2018. Fans fans, but the road something will remain. You’ll see, one problem in Russia will be less.

Samara Stadium for World Cup 2018 will cost cheeper on 4 billion

Stadiums of Samara

If by the first estimates of the stadium construction fit into the $ 11 billion according to recent estimates in the project was listed 7 billion. A few days ago, the administration of the Samara region provided an estimate of the stadium for World Cup 2018 in the  Ministry of Sports of Russia.
Reportedly, the amount of investments decreased due to the fact that costs will go exclusively to the construction of the stadium. In April, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov at the meeting of the organizing committee of the 2018 World Cup has allocated 3 citys, whose calculations in preparation for the World Cup in 2018 caused a stir too much money.

For example, in Samara stadium construction project is accompanied by the construction of facilities that are clearly commercial rather than sporting orientation, which could not stay without attention. That s why, local authorities were encouraged to review the draft and cut spending by giving them only for the construction of stadiums and sports grounds. Based on the estimates and the reasonableness of costs, the committee of FIFA will determine the final list of cities in World Cup 2018.

Funding for other infrastructure projects will be entrusted to private investors. In Samara will be built new business-class hotel, shopping malls, concert hall, exhibition center, a center of extreme sports, yachting center. For residents and visitors will start their work entertaining space, there will be lift, water park, a sports school and other facilities.

Spesial opinion:
overstatement estimates – is clearly not the first and not the last case in the history of the preparations for the World Cup 2018. As well as in Samara and other cities there are always those who wish to use the preparations for the World Cup in 2018 as a “cash cow”. However, in this case, the Russians have to deal with the European practicality, accuracy and validity. So that no extra penny will be spent in vain. However, if the committee of FIFA keeps an eye on, the cooperation with private investors willing to invest in training for the championship, may be more loyal.