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In Nizhny Novgorod, have not chosen a place in the arena!

Nizhny Novgorod already knows what will be the arena for the 2018 World Cup than it will be equipped with and how it will look. But where will be the main stadium of the city is still unknown.

Nizhny Novgorod arena

From the outset, a few options, two of which were the most suitable place to build a world-class arena. The first possible area – a district of the village Ol’gino, and the second area – the area of ​​the Komsomol, which, according to Chief Architect Victor Bykov, the most notable precisely because of its proximity to downtown. However, there is time, which can cause difficulties in implementing the project in the area – this is ground water. In addition, the question has not been elucidated property rights. Also variant of the village has its Ol’gino not working points: the distance from the city center may cause movement of the predicament of fans during the World Cup 2018.

On what areas of the proposed arena would be laid as yet unknown. This decision will be made Valery Shantsev, governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Old version, which is now not considered (rowing canal on the Volga), would require too large initial investment, and did not exclude the risk of flooding during the flood.

Dissenting opinion:

once again we can see that the preparations for World Cup 2018 – capacious, and a lot of work. Already at the stage of site selection for construction of the arena to provide everything – from the comfort of the soil to get to the stadium. It seems, that the Nizhny Novgorod took to prepare for the World Cup in 2018 more than responsibly.

Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg will begin August 19 already

Central Stadium, which is scheduled to take the game to be World Cup 2018, will open its doors to athletes and visitors in August this year. This statement was made by Vadim Vorobyov, director of sports facility.

Stadium in Yekaterinburg

At the briefing it was announced, that construction operations are over, now in the building, the internal finish. Also being installed navigation.

Parking, construction of which has not yet completed, is designed for 1330 seats for cars.

After the opening of the stadium can accommodate up to 17 000 spectators, but during the World Cup in 2018 at the expense of sound technical solutions to increase capacity to 40 000 fans. Under the roof will be only ¼ of the seats. All seats are made of impact resistant plastic. Externally, the stadium has not changed, have not been touched and architectural elements of the Soviet era.

If it becomes known that the stadium Central will host Game FM 2018, then the object will have to close for another year in order to bring it to the level of the requirements of FIFA. This additional upgrade will cost 2 billion RUB.

Dissenting opinion:

The Ekaterinburg there is every chance to play FM 2018. At least, the regional authorities are already making real strides to meet international standards for the championship game in 2018. Most of it is clear that, Yekaterinburg, one way or another, will be among the cities that will take play mundialya. So, if not expedient now to work to bring the arena to the level required by FIFA. However, according to the governor himself, the construction and upgrading of sports facilities is primarily for residents, but not for the world football match.