Stadiums in Russia in 2018

The first question that arose after the victory of our proposal: to what extent Russia is ready to take the World Cup in 2018?

Certainly, much remains to be done to the game took place at a decent level. Epicenter of the 2018 World Cup events will, of course, stadiums. It is here that the world will see their champions, and the fans that will give moral support, which is so necessary to win the game. To date, we already know that the geography of stadiums Russia in 2018 is divided into 4 clusters, which include cities and towns:

Central Cluster: Moscow, Moscow Oblast

Northern Cluster: Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg

Volga cluster: Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Yaroslavl

Southern Cluster: Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi

Ekaterinburg: Ekaterinburg

Construction of new stadiums and renovation of existing ones on the world level will be completed by 2017. We offer you an overview of stadiums World Cup 2018.


1 Luzhniki Stadium – still the only one that corresponds to the championship bracket, seats will be increased from 78 360 to 89 318. There will be opening match, semi-finals and finals.

Budget: 240 million rubles

2 Over the Dynamo are working to end by 2016. As reported on television the president of the club Dynamo Yuri Isaev, outwardly stadium has not changed, but inside the arena will be able to accept up to 45,000 fans. At this time announced a competition to design the stadium, it will last 2 months, after which will be determined by its architectural idea. It is expected that the stadium will open its doors in 2014-15, respectively.

Budget: 280 million rubles

3 Spartak Stadium will be ready by 2013, he was able to accommodate up to 42,000 spectators. Known dimensions of the playing field: 110 * 72m. In the future, “Spartacus” – not just a stadium, a sports and entertainment, multi-functional venue for sporting and concert events.

Budget: 290 million rubles

4 stadiums in the Moscow region will be released in 2017. Accommodate up to 44,000 fans.

Budget: 260 million rubles

5 In St. Petersburg, multilevel stadium named Gazprom-Arena will be equipped with a retractable roof to prevent the effects of weather on the pitch. The project could take up to 67 000.

Budget: 415 million rubles

6 double-deck stadium with a capacity of up to 45,000 spectators will be erected in Kaliningrad, close to the training complex “Baltic”. Draft Munich Allianz-Arena will be the basis for designing the stadium. Covering construction of the gilt will create the effect of lights at night to see.

Budget: 210 million rubles

7 Stadium in Kazan – the least ambitious four tier project, around which the park is located Universiade. Capacity up to 45,000 fans. Will begin work in 2013, there will be not only a stadium, but also sports facilities, health, entertainment, shopping and business centers. At the stadium in Kazan will be possible to hold both football games and cultural events and concerts.

Budget: 250 million rubles

8 also sports and recreational purposes will be the stadium in Nizhny Novgorod for up to 45,000 visitors. Specifically for the championship in 2018 over a rich and modern infrastructure will be in town, the ski complex will start and a yacht club.

Budget: 240 million rubles

9 44 000 people will be able to accommodate a stadium in Yaroslavl to the 2013-14 year. It is expected the group round games, 1/8 or quarterfinals. In addition to the football arena in the project appear Museum Shinnik, cafes, restaurants and other necessary services. There will be a hotel for the reception guests. Already existing stadiums will be upgraded, and organized a field for training.

Budget: 200 million rubles

10 Samara plans to commission the stadium by 2017. Its location – Cow Island, capacity – 44 000. At the stadium, “Wings of Soviets” will play the group round, 1/8 and the quarter-finals. While the island does not have any communication or ports, or a hotel complex, and therefore will be extensive work. To get to the island will have a bridge over the Volga river, or on vehicles.

Budget: 180 million rubles

11 Near Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd, the stadium will be built on 45,000 seats. It was originally planned construction of a stadium on the site of the Central, but now we are talking about how to establish a set in the Soviet area, which will be accompanied by the development of road infrastructure.

Budget: 210 million rubles

12 Saransk in 2012 will be invited to the stadium before 45,000 fans. Construction of a two-tier stadium “Fire Flower” that looks like a red sun, will be accompanied by construction of sports facilities and playgrounds, hotels, upgrading of the airport, bus station, catering service, the transport network.

Budget: 180 million rubles

13 In the Krasnodar area to conduct football games on the streets of East Kruglikovskoy accommodate up to 50,000 spectators. Presumably the stadium will begin life in 2014, while also architectural and construction companies are involved in the competition for the design of the facility.

Budget: 260 million rubles

14 Rostov-on-Don will take 40,000 fans and players of the championship at the stadium, which is located on the left bank of the Don in 2017. In parallel, will proceed upgrade services and infrastructure. In the meantime, residents think of the name of the new facility. Also here is expected construction of the airport “South Hub.

Budget: 220 million rubles

15 In 2012-13 the Sochi stadium will be ready with a mountain view. For the championship it will be able to accept about 45,000 fans. Particularly pleasing that get to the stadium will be on the fast train, avoid sitting in traffic jams. Externally, the stadium resembles peaks covered with snow, it’s all thanks to a special roofing materials.

Budget: 225 million rubles

16 Capacity to 44,000 seats will be stadium was built in Ekaterinburg. Location of the facility – Bolshekonny Peninsula.

Budget: 160 million rubles

Stadiums in Russia at the World Cup in 2018 will be ready to not be soon. Much to revolutionize a lot to do with zero. But we have a whole 8 years. On the pages of the section “Building stadiums World Cup 2018 we will publish photos and video, which will assess how to move in preparation for these arenas Russian football matches.