Rules Football. Playing football.

To fully enjoy the World Cup 2018, which will take place in Russia, not to sit in a modern stadium, and work actively whistles and rattles, smartly executing memorized chants, it is necessary because even understand who, where and what is running. For this offer to get acquainted with the rules of football games and take a short course novice player. Who knows, maybe it is you who in 2018 will come to the stadium Russia to roll the ball over our country!

To begin with, where you are. Playing field. Do not be alarmed that so much space to the end of the game you’ll know every nook and blade of grass on the site. Speaking of her, sometimes, the field can be covered by artificial turf, close to natural grass. The site area for international matches (as we are interested in precisely such) are in the length of 100-110 meters (110-120 yards) and a maximum width 64-75 meters (70-80 yards). Now note that on the field there are still lines, they would also do well to know. They have a width of no more than 12 cm (5 inches) and includes in that area, which is limited to:

Lateral line – a line along the field, going beyond which the ball is out of the game.

The goal area – hence the goalkeeper throws off the ball and within this zone can not push him.

Penalty area – here goalkeeper may wield in the game hands. If a team within the penalty area  get up to mischief , then its gates will be assigned a penalty – 11 penalty kick, during which the gates can only protect the goalkeeper, the other players remain at a distance of 11-meter mark.

ngular sector – in every corner of the field draw arc of radius 1 m, which determines the area to meet a corner kick.

erhaps these are the main sectors, which should clearly understand.

Here you are standing on the field, but who actually are you? You are active and are accustomed to go ahead? Then you are in the forwards, but if you live by the principle of “foreign goats in the garden do not let”, then go to the defenders. Well goalkeeper – is one that all the forces struggling for the sake of feeding the ball to the opponent did not hit the gate. If the ball is scored, then quickly reel fishing rod and run away from his furious team. Joke on it and the team to victory and defeat with dignity and move along. Those who do not have time to stroke the shape and tying your shoes before the game, remain in reserve and waiting for their moment of glory. In total, each team is no more than 11 players.

Figured out where you are and who you are. Now, what to do? You see, the round thing that constantly rolls over the field? So here is a ball. How to read the official rules of the game, one of the qualities and parameters of the football projectile is its spherical shape. You’d think someone would think of a square on the field to chase. Well, what are you waiting for? Run to him, drive him to the gates and drive in goal! But that’s not their goal, and those opposite! Something wrong? What a strange uncles interfere with their feet and beat off the ball? Oh-she-she is your opponents who want to score a goal in your goal. In short, we must score them, and not to miss in their, well, while respecting the rules and not breaking football opponent hands and feet.

Tired? It’s time to relax, because the first half came to an end. 15 minutes you on what to listen to instructions the coach, to drink some water and again in pursuit. For the next 45 minutes the same goal – to score goals and defend their goal.

If after two periods on the scoreboard 0:0, will run two halves of 15 minutes. If they decide the game in someone else’s benefit, the assigned penalty shoot-outs.

What you need to remember yet? How would you like to order any, but you can not kick, beat an opponent to attack him, to cling to pants or shirt and pull off the ball, be rude to him, or worse, spit at him. Excuse like “I forgot myself and thought I’d camel at the zoo” certainly would not help. Violations of this kind is punished by penalty or free kick.

These rules of modern football are relevant for today. What will change for 7 years for the World Cup in Russia, we are not going to speculate, but will simply wait for this football festival.

Now you are fully prepared, you can still work out a bit and go to the World Cup 2018! If don’t play football, then truly rooting for our!