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Preparations for the World Cup 2018 soccer in our country will require a lot of Russian forces and equipment. Every citizen of the Russian Federation, who cares a great game like football is to keep abreast.

For their part, we will promote and highlight the pages of our site the various activities and training issues. But Russia is a huge country, and to reach out to different parts, which will host World Cup matches in football, we can not really, although we will try. And here we are counting on your help; help those who do not care about football, those who are interested in the process of preparing for World Cup 2018. After all, what will happen in the cities of Russia, as there will be construction and infrastructure development around the football life will take place before your eyes. Any information, pictures and videos on the World Cup in 2018 will be of interest to all readers.

We will be glad to receive from you our readers, interesting material on the preparations for World Cup 2018.