FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia – an important event for the whole country. Already, the Russians are involved in the preparatory process. Important football event of the world will take place in 13 cities of our homeland.

Explicit victory of Russia to conduct major football tournament, is clear from the presentation of the application:

Cities host World Cup 2018 – 13

Number of stadiums – 16 (FIFA imposes on a minimum 12) Number of training fields in cities by 2018 – 64 (the minimum requirement of FIFA: 64)

Number of hotels in cities by 2018 – 32 (the minimum requirements of FIFA: 32)

Number of training fields at the bases of teams – 72 (the minimum requirement of FIFA: 64)

Number of hotels on the bases of teams – 72 (the minimum requirement of FIFA: 64)

Number of hotel rooms for fans – 100 000 (the minimum requirement of FIFA: 60 000).

For making games country housewife should have at least 64 hotels and inns. Russia already has a presence in 74 hotels, most of which can provide over 100 rooms each. For guests Championship 2018 will be given not less than 100 000 rooms (12% – 5 stars, 22% – 4 stars, 63% – 3 stars). For location of the hotel must be at the heart of the city to the stadium and training bases could get no more than 30 minutes to the airport – no more than an hour. Hotel to the media and special guests shall be located within 40 minutes drive from the city stadium.

As for stadiums in the cities of the championship in 2018, then they too must meet certain requirements, here are some of them:

Arena should be located on a large gridded area, so that in case of further modernization of the surrounding objects were not a hindrance to it. Better if the stadium is located close to highway and waterway transport, in the case of the distance from the city center, the complex must have a sufficient number of parking spaces. The desired capacity of the stadium – 40 000, the required minimum capacity – 30 000. Must take into account weather factor to the sun’s rays fell as low as possible to the face to the audience. Should also be provided for sound insulation in the form of artificial barriers to the noise from the arena did not came to residential properties. Lighting is recognized only one that can cover the area directly to the game and not include among other nearby areas and streets host World Cup 2018. Each site in accordance with the requirements should have first aid room, a good surveillance system should be clearly thought out and planned movement of spectators to the stands and from them.

The stadium’s World Cup 2018 has the dimensions: length – 105 meters, width – 68 meters. The lawn can be natural and synthetic. Each city is rich in its historical, cultural heritage and its residents. But to win Russia’s bid was not the main thing. In order that the country could adequately take the game the World Cup, the infrastructure in the cities and stadiums have to meet all requirements imposed by FIFA. The final list of cities in World Cup 2018 will be formed in 2012. While he has 13 points. It is likely that some of the cities will not take football championship. Moscow and St. Petersburg, most of all meet the requirements for the FIFA World Cup. This is not surprising, the capital of Russia and the Northern capital of the country because of their significance and magnitude, richness of cultural heritage, popular among tourists who are already well developed in terms of infrastructure. These cities are still more willing to take the Championship. The same can be said about Sochi (after the 2014 Olympics) and Kazan (after the Universiade 2013), these cities are already actively preparing for important events. Will not go away from Moscow and turned his attention to Yaroslavl. Despite the fact that the city requires a labor-intensive preparations for the World Cup games in 2018, its shortcomings and disadvantages (for now) are lost in mind the proximity to Moscow. And this is important. After all, FIFA has already expressed concerns about transportation during the games due to the fact that only 6 out of 13 cities will be linked directly to the rest of burden placed on air transport. Therefore, the proximity to the capital city of Yaroslavl – one of the determining factors of his participation. Among the trumps in Yekaterinburg – the existence of an international airport, and a full diplomatic life, and the reconstruction of the stadium’s “Central” began two years ago. Saransk is also preparing to take the world’s football players, one of the contenders to take off. When the number of 300 000 people, building a huge stadium and the airport of international class may not be entirely justified. Speaking about other cities, were among the “13″, all have a lot of work to modernize the hotel, transport and communications infrastructure. So, all airports should be brought to the world level, it is necessary to increase passenger numbers, both on land and in air, to establish an uninterrupted rail and river communications.

Introducing the city championship in 2018 and planned changes for the game.


Year of foundation / first record: 1147

Worth a visit and see:

The Kremlin and Red Square, the Church of the Ascension in Kolomna, Novodevichy Monastery, China Town, the Arbat, Temples, monasteries and churches, monuments, the Red Chamber of the XVII century, Kuskovo estate and other estates and palaces, mansions, The State Tretyakov Gallery, State Museum Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard


Third Rome, Port of five seas, Pervoprestolnaya, golden, white stone, not rubber.

Moscow World Cup 2018:

3 stadiums (Dynamo, Luzhniki, Spartak) in the city and 1 in the region will play the World Cup. In 2018 in Moscow will be located: the International Broadcast Centre for the tournament, the headquarters of FIFA for the duration of the Championship, the FIFA Congress building, the fan zone. Will be erected highway Moscow – St. Petersburg (684 km). Modernization and restructuring of facilities for cultural and public events, and events. There will be sporting a base for child and youth sports fields with artificial turf. New hotels will be built.

St. Petersburg

Year of foundation / first record: 1703

Worth a visit and see:

Palace Square, St. Isaac’s Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Smolny Cathedral and Convent, the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Admiralty, Nevsky Prospekt, Peter and Paul Fortress, the Spit of Vasilevsky Island, a suburb of St. Petersburg Nickname: St. Petersburg, Peter Grad Petrov, Capital of Culture , St. Petersburg and the city of white nights, cradle of three revolutions, the capital of the North, North Palmyra, North Venice

St Petersburg World Cup 2018:

Will begin its work multilevel stadium Gazprom-Arena. Will be prepared by training field and a base for athletes. As for hotels, then Luxury significantly prevails over economy class, so expect new 2-3-star hotels. Also in 2018  St. Petersburg is preparing adequately take guests through the air, in this connection, will transform the Pulkovo airport, where the terminal will be divided into three zones: the station square, and airside security zone. Domestic and international terminals, referred to as “Pulkovo 1» and «Pulkovo 2», reunited by the erection of glass bridges. By 2018 from Pulkovo to get to St. Petersburg will be not only on his car, taxi or bus, but also on air express. Transport infrastructure within the city will also undergo changes: the tunnel between Kronstadt and Lomonosov, will close the ring road, in 2015 will be paid internally city ring, called the “Western High Speed Diameter”.


Year of foundation / first record: 1255

Worth a visit and see:

Amber Museum, the Museum of World Ocean Museum “Bunker Lyasha», forts, Rossgarten gate, Ausfalskie gates, the Brandenburg Gate, the Monument to Immanuel Kant, the monument to Baron Munchausen, Friedrich Schiller Monument, Botanical gardens, museums, theaters


The town of Kant, Garden City, Amber Kaliningrad Region Cup 2018: world-class stadium will play World Cup 2018. Planned to build training bases, reconstruction of the stadium «Baltika». Number of hotel beds to reach 20 000. You also need to prepare transport infrastructure: the completion of the Primorsky rings, trestle bridge, the northern bypass of Kaliningrad, the modernization of the Berlin Bridge, expansion of Ring Road to 6 lanes, organizing trips to the Soviet street Nevsky Prospekt. In addition, for a stadium on the Island need two bridges. Airport «Khrabrovo» in Kaliningrad, are also waiting for the changes by 2018: extension of the runway, the appearance of the main tracks, the construction of the flight control center, reconstruction of lighting.


Year of foundation / first record: 1838

Worth a visit and see:

Sochi sea port, mountain Ahun, Monument “The horse in the coat,” Monument to the Golden fleece, Museum of the resort city of Sochi, Riviera Park, Arboretum, Aquarium-terrarium, Arts Square, Singing fountains, Dolmen Sochi, Garden and Museum “Tree of Friendship ”


Summer capital, the southern capital, the spa capital of Russia

Sochi Cup 2018:

Opens its doors to a new stadium overlooking the mountains. New hotels, media center, stadiums and other facilities will be ready by 2014 – the year of the Olympics. Incidentally, the hotel vip-class FIFA will also be laid in Sochi by 2018. The city will earn rail and road branches in Krasnaya Polyana and Imereti Valley with the flow in two directions. Will be developed network of digital television in the entire district. In general, transport infrastructure, build and upgrade 47 facilities (bridges, interchanges, highways and railway tracks). For the full electricity supply will be new energy facilities: Dzhubginskaya TPP substation “Ice Palace”, “Imereti”, “Laura”, “Mzymta” and “Rose Farm.”


Year of foundation / first record: 1793

Worth a visit and see:

Church of the Nativity, Catherine’s Cathedral, the Monument to Catherine II, Monument to a dog, purse Monument, Monument to Catherine II, Museums, Square with “the elephant”, Water Tower Systems Engineer V.G. Shukhov, Pervomajskij park, SeaWorld


The southern capital of Russia, capital of the Kuban, the House of hundred people, “Little Paris”

Krasnodar World Cup 2018:

In the area of the shopping center “Red Square” will be a multifunctional complex that includes a sports center, a basketball hall, hockey stadium, swimming pool. By the Cup in 2018 in Krasnodar will be completed reconstruction of the station and the airport, transport and hotel infrastructure. Envisaged project “Krasnodar transit», which will take railways in the city limits.


Year of foundation / first record: 1010

Worth a visit and see:

Saviour-Transfiguration monastery, the Kazan Monastery, Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Church of the Epiphany, Church of the Archangel Michael, Tolga Monastery, Arrow, Tugov Mountain, a private museum of John Mostoslavskogo “Music and Time»


Yaroslavl land, Jaroslavia

Yaroslavl‘s World Cup 2018:

World standard Stadium Shinnik takes players and fans in 2018. Reconstruction expects stadium Lokomotiv Yaroslavl and the stadium “Saturn” in Rybinsk, for training before the teams will have new fields. For visitors to the city will provide its services to more than 10 new hotels. Changes in transportation infrastructure – the reconstruction of roads and airport Tunoshna in Yaroslavl for the games in 2018.


Year of foundation / first record: 1586

Worth a visit and see:

Bread Square, Revolution Square, the Monument to “Rocket”, Lutheran Church, villa fon Vacano, Zhigulevsky brewery, mansion merchant Ivan Klodt, mansion widow Curlin, Strukovsky Park, Stalin’s Bunker, The Drama Theatre


Space capital of Russia, Russian Chicago, the Second Paris

Samara’s World Cup 2018:

Soccer complex will be erected at the direction of the rivers Volga and Samara. The plans of reconstruction of the airport, updating the hotel chain, housing, the emergence of new centers, the organization of cultural and leisure facilities. The issue of transportation – one of the most urgent, is expected to reconstruction of roads, building flyovers, the emergence of high-speed rail and river communications, the new bridge in Samara for the FIFA World Cup 2018.


Year of foundation / first record: 1005

Worth a visit and see:

The Kremlin, Annunciation Cathedral, the Tower Syuyumbike, Kul Sharif mosque, Tatar settlements, the Temple of Holy Face of the Savior, mosque, monument Kazan cat, Cascade fountains, park the 1000 anniversary of Kazan, Alafuzovsky Palace, Kazan zoo-botanic Garden, Natural History Museum of Tatarstan, Blue Lake, Astronomical Observatory V.P. Engelhardt


The third capital of Russia,

Kazan’s World Cup 2018:

8 storeys «Rubin», resembling a flower, will be released in 2013. In the future construction of the Center of rowing sports palace of water sports, as well as 14 transport interchanges and 44 pedestrian crossings, reconstruction of the Lenin’s dam. For World Cup 2018 in Kazan will probably be elevated to a country with a training set of fields and hotels.


Year of foundation / first record: 1749

Worth a visit and see:

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Theatre of Gorky, Don Quay, Pokrovsky Square, Children’s Railway, Gorky Park, Rostov museum space, the Rostov museum of railway equipment, the Museum of Modern Art in Dmitrovka, Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship Curb-Hache, the Rostov Academic Drama Theatre of Gorky, Rostov Zoo


Port of five seas, Gates of the Caucasus, Rostov-Papa (Odessa-mama)

Rostov on Don’s World Cup 2018:

For the Games Championship in 2018 in Rostov-on-Don plans to build the stadium, the construction of the airport “South Hub», a bridge over the Don.

Nizhny Novgorod

Year of foundation / first record: 1221

Worth a visit and see:

Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Annunciation Monastery, Ascension Caves Monastery, Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist, the History Museum of the tram and trolley bus, open-air museum “Steam locomotives of Russia”, Nizhny Novgorod State Academic Drama Theatre Gorky, Nizhny Novgorod Fair, the Planetarium, the Museum-apartment of Gorky, museums and galleries


Volga capital, pocket of Russia

Nizhny Novgorod’s World Cup 2018:

The new stadium for Rowing channel, as well as a stadium for field hockey, ski complex, the yacht club, a traffic intersection, and hotels – this and more will be for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.


Year of foundation / first record: 1589

Worth a visit and see:

Mamaev Kurgan, a monument to “Motherland”, the Church of St. John the Baptist, the museum-panorama “Stalingrad”, Pier, Volgograd memorial and a historical museum, state historical and ethnographic and architectural museum-reserve “The Old Sarepta”, Joseph Stalin Museum, Children’s Railway Road, Alley of Heroes, Light Rail. Planetarium


City-War Memorial, City one battle

Volgograd’s World Cup 2018:

City for the championship in 2018 is preparing a new stadium “Volga sun” on the former site of the Central, and capital upgrading the airport, construction of traffic interchanges and sporting venues, the hotel chain.


Year of foundation / first record: 1641

Worth a visit and see:

Pugachev place, Pugachevskaya tent, the Church of St. John’s, Cathedral of the Holy Righteous warrior Feodor Ushakov, churches, Mordovia Republican Museum of Fine Arts S.D. Erzya, Mordvin Culture Museum, the Monument to the family, monument caretaker, park of culture and rest A. S. Pushkin


Jazz capital of Russia

Saransk World Cup 2018:

The stands, “Jubilee” will take fans to the 2018 World Cup in Saransk. Near the stadium will be a residential quarter. Go to Games in 2018 should be built hotels, the international air terminal, is scheduled thorough modernization of transport infrastructure, tourism development will be organized cultural and recreational and entertainment places for guests.


Year of foundation / first record: 1723

Worth a visit and see:

area of the Soviet Army, Area 1905, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ural Arbat, Park at homestead of Kharitonov, palace and park ensemble of the estate Rastorgueva-Kharitonov, Butterfly Park, Church on Spilled Blood, literary quarter, Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Children’s Railway , Monument plumbing, Zhukov Monument, Monument to Invisible Man, Monument to the keyboard, Museums, Aqua Park “Limpopo”


Eburg, the capital of the Urals, Cather

Ekaterinburg Cup 2018:

Residents and visitors alike during the Championship will invite in their possession at the stadium Bolshekonnom Peninsula.